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Last Thursday of each month.

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Twitter chats – Fall / Winter term

Book Creator chats are Twitter chats with a difference: we don’t just answer questions, we make a book together.

Over the course of each hour we will collaborate on a book and publish it online. You will complete tasks or answer questions in your book in Book Creator, and at the end we’ll have a resource that we can all use and share!

How to participate

  1. Log in to https://app.bookcreator.com
  2. Search for #BookCreator on Twitter.
  3. Join the library with the Library code: RZQJX.
  4. Use the author picker to filter the books to show books made by everyone.
  5. Find the book for the chat you’re participating in.

Heather Marrs is a 3rd Grade Teacher and Book Creator & Seesaw Ambassador.

This chat will focus on how and why now is a good time in the academic year to extend student learning. Which tools do you use? How do you support each other?

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Share your best strategies for using technology to help develop students’ literacy. We know that technology (especially Book Creator) is an excellent tool to help engage students and give them ownership of their learning, but what are specific ways we can use digital tools to help grow vocabulary, develop fluency, and improve reading and writing skills for our students?

Let’s write a book together during our chat and share our best practices whether you teach little ones or big ones, English or World Languages (or any subject), come join in the fun and come away with a boatload of good strategies and tools you can implement in your classroom!

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Comics are incredibly fun to read and even more engaging to create, and therefore, they are an incredible tool for learning. This chat will focus on the power of comics in the classroom and how they can be utilised to develop learner-centered knowledge for any given subject!

You will be shown a few examples of how the Book Creator comic node has been used in English in order to exemplify its functionality and then you will create your own comic ‘page’ which will be combined with all other participants to create one ‘super comic’.

This will then be shared with all participants and serve as a corpus of creative ideas for a variety of different subjects.

Mark and Tom are both very experienced and knowledgable teachers and Book Creator masters! Come and learn from them, and share your own tips, as we make and publish a book together in Book Creator for Chrome.

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Join education experts Beth Holland and Monica Burns as we look at how to integrate the 6Cs into your teaching and how Book Creator can help.

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