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14 ideas to support your students when English isn't their first language.

We're delighted to announce that our latest ebook is now published online and to the Apple Books store. This series of books is now growing into an amazing library of resources for using Book Creator in the classroom. And with this latest book, we drew from a new source - enlisting the help of some Illinois-based educators to give a fresh insight into how they use Book Creator.

Front cover of Supporting Language Learners with Book Creator ebookSupporting Language Learners with Book Creator is the work of Ramona Towner and Lucia Carrera, vastly experienced colleagues from Berwyn South School District 100. We approached them to author a book focused on helping students whose first language is not English, knowing that this would be their niche.

Despite not having authored a book before, Mona and Lucy were able to draw on their incredible experience of teaching in a district where the most common language other than English is Spanish. Students come from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central and South America. They also have students that speak Vietnamese, Arabic, Tagalog, Russian and Bulgarian among others.

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The book contains 14 tried and tested ideas for teachers of language learners and students acquiring a new language. Explore ideas such as cognates, Total Physical Response (TPR), Reading Response Journals and other ideas spanning the curriculum.

As ever, the authors are able to take advantage of the full range of multimedia options in Book Creator, including a video introduction, audio bonus features, and real-life student examples embedded right into the book.

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You can read this book online on any device using Book Creator's own publishing platform on any device. Or, if you prefer to download and read the book offline, it's available now on the Apple Books store.

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