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Google Certified Innovators

We're offering all Google Certified Innovators a lifetime upgrade to the web version of Book Creator.

This means:

  • 3 libraries with 60 books in each (180 total).
  • Real-time collaboration included.
  • Invite co-teachers to join your library.

To be eligible, you must have completed your Google Certified Innovator training, or be a Google Certified Trainer. This offer does not apply to Google Certified Educators (Level 1 and 2).

How to claim your upgrade

First, make sure you have registered an account at Then, fill out the form below.

This MUST be the same email that you used to sign into, otherwise we cannot upgrade you.
We'd expect to see confirmation of your certified status on your Twitter bio. If you don't have Twitter, another link that we can use to verify is fine.

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