Introducing The Google Infused Classroom Microbook – a new concept for learning

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We've teamed up with Elevate Books Edu to bring you a new kind resource for learning.

The way that we learn has evolved. In the past, learning required huge investments of time and energy, with no guarantee of success. But in the current age of on-demand, instant access and bite-size learning opportunities, we can choose what we want to learn in the moment, based on our needs.

This concept is referred to as microlearning. Here's how Holly Clark defines microlearning:

"Short bursts of learning that can initiate exposure, interaction, knowledge construction and reflection. They lead an educator along a roundabout path that ends with deeper understanding and deeper learning. This learning is frequently fueled by curiosity and inquiry. A deep dive results in richer understanding through actual examples and rapid fire metacognitive thinking. Microlearning can help teachers reach a more intentional and personalized learning goal."Holly Clark

Microlearning in book form

We've teamed up with Holly Clark, the co-founder of Elevate Books Edu to apply the concept of microlearning to books. Elevate Books Edu is a partnership of teachers who have formed a publishing house to produce content that will impact teaching and empower learning.

They have a growing library of hard copy books that we'll be converting into microbooks - short, bite-size, multimedia versions that give a glimpse into the concepts contained within the book. This gives teachers an opportunity to sample the book before committing to a deeper dive into the full book.

The Google Infused Classroom

The first of these microbooks is Holly Clark & Tanya Avrith's Google Infused Classroom. This book acts as a guidebook for teachers who are keen to use technology to engage learners, allowing them to show their thinking, demonstrate their understanding, and amplify their voice by sharing work beyond the classroom. These are all concepts dear to us at Book Creator too!

Example page from the Google Infused Classroom, viewed in Book Creator

This microbook offers an overview of the book, and a whole chapter on 'Making Thinking Visible', focusing on how to hear from every student in the class, and how students can share their work and learn from each other.

Because this book was authored in Book Creator, it comes enriched with multimedia - an interactive table of contents, a video introduction from the authors, and resources and links embedded into the book.

Stay tuned for more books in this series!

Start your learning here

The Google Infused Classroom microbook is available to read online using Book Creator's custom digital book reader. Read and interact with the book, or use our 'read to me' mode to have the book read to you!

Read the book online

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2 Comments on “Introducing The Google Infused Classroom Microbook – a new concept for learning”

  1. I am an educator in Prince George’s County Public Schools. I am currently working through the Book Creator certification process and would like to access the Google Infused Library to see how I may better serve my students.

    1. Hi Melanie – apologies, the library had inadvertently become password protected. I’ve lifted that now so you can access the books again. I hope they are useful to you!

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