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Naomi HarmBlog, Remote Learning

Inspiring ideas to support creative teaching and #RemoteLearning activities.

I originally created this Book Creator book as an innovation idea guide to support teachers, parents, grandparents and students with quick and simple remote learning ideas. I hope they add joy and inspiration to your day during this uncertain Covid-19 health crisis.

It has turned out to be a work of passion for me to give back to the teaching and parent community. I strive to regularly add to the book to with quality ideas and resources!

My latest additions include ways for parents and students to be part of the healthcare solution by designing and creating hand-sewn health masks and even 3D printed PPE masks. Each day I continue to add more resources to this Ideas Book and currently I have over 11,000 subscribers reading the book at

This elearning book is dedicated and in support of all the amazing K-12 educators and parents who are designing and delivering creative digital learning content, during this time of the Coronavirus health crisis.

This ebook has been designed and created as a supportive FREE enrichment resource for K-12 educators, students, parents and grandparents, to continue to provide inspirational learning experiences to engage all students of every ability.

The teaching and learning best practices shared in this ebook are proven elearning examples that have been successfully implemented by myself, and my amazing team of master educators and K-12 nation consultants.

We, as a team of Technology and STEM Innovation Specialists, are very proud and honored to share these exemplar teaching and learning lessons, activities and innovative ideas! When an activity has a supportive or linked resource that extends the learning, we also provide the credit where credit is due to celebrate the learning of whomever created the resource.

Please note: There has been no financial funding provided, or exchange of dollars, or educational promotions by vendors to benefit the Innovative Educator Consulting team in the creation and publication of this ebook. Enjoy the differentiated hands-on learning experiences this ebook has to offer, to extend the learning potential for ALL!

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