Dan at ISTE with Ann Kozma and Michael Cohen

Our tips for ISTE 2018

Here’s our guide for which sessions to attend at #ISTE2018 (particularly if you are interested in learning more about Book Creator).

Creating comics in the classroom (black and white)

Our top 5 posts of 2017

Everyone loves a good ‘best of’ list to start the year. Here’s our most shared posts from last year.

Drawing a house using coding language in Book Creator

Teach coding with Book Creator

You might not think of Book Creator as a coding app (it isn’t!). But coding is really about computational thinking and creative problem solving, which you can teach with Book Creator.

Creating BookSnaps with Book Creator

#BookSnaps and Book Creator

Have you heard of BookSnaps yet? Tara M. Martin, the inventor of this incredibly simple and original idea, explains how it is transforming the way teachers and students interact with books.