You won’t believe this book was written by a 9-year-old!

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When this young girl got in touch to tell us she had been using Book Creator, we were blown away by how great her book was.

Isabel was 9 years old when she wrote her book: 'Eye Spy - The Parasitic Peril'. We were frankly amazed at the depth of story telling, and the fantastic illustrations that she had produced, never mind the fact she mastered Book Creator to produce her book.

Screenshot of the book

This is the message Isabel sent us:

To Book Creator People,

I think Book Creator is amazing! You can do loads of things on there you can't do on a computer like recording sounds and taking pictures.

Also, I find that if you are writing a story, there is an app you can use to illustrate pictures. You just have to draw a picture (The app is called Inspire Pro) and save it and it should come up in Photos on Book Creator.

I like writing different sizes, and using different kinds of fonts depending on which kind of book it is. It helps if you use inspiration from other books to give you a boost on Ideas - I got the idea of 'eye spy' from some Ruby Redfort books and thought that it was a very good idea.

And the good thing about Book Creator is that any one can use it, and i'm sure that if more people know about it, the more people will get it and like it like I do and will probably definitely agree with me. Book creator is the best!

Isabel W :)

What we did next

Having fallen in love with the book (and the author!) we offered to publish this book on the iBooks Store for Isabel. We also asked her to do an introduction to the book and add audio hotspots of her reading the book.

All of which she did with minimum fuss!

All about the author page

Eye Spy front coverDownload the book from iTunes

So now we'd ask you to support this budding young author by downloading the book, spreading the word, leaving nice comments below (and good reviews on her book).

Download Eye Spy - The Parasitic Peril

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7 Comments on “You won’t believe this book was written by a 9-year-old!”

  1. What a sensational example of how an amazing app and individual talent can come together to create something very special. I love this book, the illustrations and story telling are brilliant.

  2. Wow! I know Isabel’s mum and I am dead pleased Isabel has done something so brilliant! Kids should be encouraged to read and write from an early age, it not only brings their imagination to life but can enhance their creativity! Kids are too worried about exams or learning stuff they don’t have any enthusiasm for so am really pleased this is out there for schools and children like Isabel.

    I say this is wonderful and even more wonderful that Isabel has done this, in her own time too :) Fantastic, keep up the good work and Isabel – you are amazing – keep up with the writing and keep publishing those book :)

    p.s I am a self published author myself and at 39 i’ve only just begun – wish i’d had the encouragement when I was a kid but hey ho better late than never!

  3. What an amazing story. I love how she uses different font sizes and styles to tell her story. When you abandon traditional methods anything is possible. Well done Isabel. Can’t wait to show this toy class after the holidays. They love using Book Creator too.

  4. Wow I can’t believe this 9-year-old wrote this book. I am a youtuber and I can’t even make a video as good as this. :o I love it don’t you? :)

  5. Very interesting. I never knew Book Creater could be used for purposes this serious. The last thing I made on Book Creater was a birthday card for my Aunt.

  6. I love your pictures Isabel!I’ve always wanted to be an author and a spy.I love the part when the machine explodes.Your good at drawing.

  7. Hello
    My nine year old wants to write a book. He has been really trying to think of how to get started. He has the creativity but needs the art of putting it together Please tell me how to get him started

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