15 ways to use Book Creator for Reading Responses

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We're excited to announce the next in our series of educational ebooks, made in Book Creator.

15 ways to use Book Creator for reading responses front coverWe've teamed up with Dr. Monica Burns to bring you an excellent educational resource: '15 ways to use Book Creator for Reading Responses'. Monica is a former classroom teacher, EdTech & Curriculum Consultant and founder of the blog ClassTechTips.com. She is the author and co-author of numerous books including Tasks Before Apps, #FormativeTech, and Taming the Wild Text.

We're working with Monica and other experienced educators to bring out a series of ebooks over the coming months. These are intended to be a resource for teachers to use in their classroom, packed with ideas and real-life examples for using Book Creator successfully. They are all free and made entirely in Book Creator, which means the content can be expanded using audio and video.

Read 15 ways to use Book Creator for Reading Reponses

Reading responses

Reading responses can take many forms and Book Creator gives you the space to set up students for success. 

This book includes 15 ways to use Book Creator for reading responses. You can tailor these ideas to both collaborative and independent student products and scale each one to make sure it meets the needs of your students.

Ideas include daily journals, book selfies, wordle reflections, reading portfolios and more.

You can read this book online using Book Creator's online ebook reader. If you prefer to download it and read offline, you can also get it from the iBooks Store.

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