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The Digital Citizens

Digital Citizenship Week is 17-21 October. Here's how to get students from Kindergarten right up to Year 12 involved.

Every third week in October, schools around the world celebrate Digital Citizenship Week. This initiative was originally created by Common Sense Education, and we're excited to be teaming up with them to provide resources and lesson plans to help you make the most of the week.

Common Sense Education

Digital Citizenship Week 2022

Each year teachers use this opportunity to guide and support their learners to use technology safely and ethically.

This year Common Sense Education are celebrating 10 years of Digital Citizenship Week, and Book Creator is an officially recognized ally in the effort to create a positive culture around how students use media and technology.

You can access all of Common Sense Education's resources for this year at

Lesson extensions with Book Creator

The Common Sense Education resources cover multiple activities each day (see, for example, this daily activity plan for Elementary educators). For K-2 and grades 3-5 there is a 15-minute activity using two of the digital citizenship activity books below. You can read and remix these templates and weave them into the wider Common Sense Education lesson plans for the week.

Pause & Think Online
Your Rings of Responsibility
Online Friendships

We launched these activity books in partnership with Common Sense Education in June last year. You can use them with ages 5-11 to introduce these new concepts (and the Digital Citizens who guide you through the activities).

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Templates that you can remix

Taking the themes in the Digital Citizenship Week curriculum, we worked with Hillsborough County Public School’s Technology Training Team (Florida) to create a set of extension activities that their district is going to run as a competition. They have kindly made these templates available for you to use too, if you wish. These templates will work district-wide with all ages.

Once you have a Book Creator account, you can add these books below to your library with one click! Just hit the Remix button and choose which library you want to add it to. Then, when you’ve invited students to your library, they can simply make a copy of the book and complete the activities.

Say Goodbye to Technology

Lesson ideas, with Book Creator templates, to help younger students (K-2) learn to be respectful around devices and technology.

The Words We Choose

Teacher notes and student tasks focused around the subject of the power of words in digital citizenship. (Grades 3-5).

Digital Drama Unplugged

A digital citizenship lesson plan for grades 6-8 around recognising digital drama, understanding other perspectives and learning to de-escalate situations based on different scenarios.

Who Are You on Social Media

Lesson ideas and student exercises to help reflect on the different versions of ourselves we present online. (Grades 9-12).

Digital Citizenship and SEL collaborative class contest (Implementation book)BONUS: Run a contest!

With Hillsborough County, we also developed an implementation book for rolling out these activities with your teachers. If you'd like to get a competition going in your district, fill out this form and we can provide swag, PD along with this easy implementation guide.

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Looking for even more ideas?

We worked with Dr. Monica Burns to write a book on Creative Digital Citizenship Activities with Book Creator. In this book we look at resources to learn more about digital citizenship, spotlight classroom stories, and inspire you and your student to get creative as you learn about digital citizenship.

This book was loosely based on the wider Common Sense Education Digital Citizenship curriculum, and is themed around the six concepts of:

  • Front cover of bookMedia balance and well-being
  • Digital footprint and identity
  • Privacy and security
  • News and media literacy
  • Relationships and communication
  • Cyberbullying, digital drama and hate speech.

Read this book online

I hope that's enough to get you as enthused about Digital Citizenship Week as we are! Do share your thoughts and any books you've made in the comments below or by sharing on Twitter or Facebook. Have fun!

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