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Starter templates to add directly to your library - remix them, edit them and use them with your students!

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Book Creator templates

Building on the library of templates we made available in-app, these themed starter templates should inspire you and your students to create your own versions, using our beautifully designed visuals!
Digital Portfolio
Reading Reflections
Common Sense Education

Common Sense Education

In partnership with Common Sense Education, we have produced these Digital Citizenship activity books for 5-11 year olds. Click on a book to read it and add it to your library with the Remix button.

Learn more about our partnership with Common Sense Education.

Pause & Think Online
Online Friendships
Your Rings of Responsibility
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Enhancing Literacy

Kurt Klynen created these beautifully designed templates when producing his book 'Book Creator - Ways to Enhance Literacy'. They should prove inspirational in your language classrooms.
Letter Mashup
Colorful Words
Road Trip
Sing-A-Long 🎶
Magnetic Poets
Alphabet Everywhere
Haiku Poetry
Family Portrait
Secret Codes
Whisper Art
Unlock Rhyme
Sound Box
Joe & Kristin Merrill


Book Creator Ambassadors Joe & Kristin Merrill shared these neat subject-specific templates covering Science, Math and English.

Learn more about using these books on their website.

InterACTIVE Word Wall
Science Experiment Journal
Mathematical Inferences!
InterACTIVE Word Wall
Science Experiment Journal
Mathematical Inferences!
Mathematical Inferences!
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Created by the Community

Just some of the many books that have been submitted by educators across the world. Happy remixing!
Dinosaur Dig Journal
Animal Research Report Template
EAL Welcome Book
Found It
Sentence Scramble
Northeast States of the U.S.
1st Grade Reflections Template
Nonfiction Text Feature Scavenger Hunt
High School Staff Manual
Natural Disasters Template
Figurative Language Template
Write, Learn, Teach - Lesson 1
My Garden Walk
NonFiction Writing Template
Student Portfolio
My Data Story
Dollar Street
Mother's Day Book - TEMPLATE
My Nonfiction Text Features Book
e-Portfolio Template
Creating School Storybooks
Christmas Around the World Research Template
S2 Dietary Diseases and Conditions
Food Sustainability
Food Sustainability
Milton and the invisible coronavirus
Diversity in Science
My Plant Growth Journal
Changing states of matter
Insect Research Template
All About ME JK/Primary
All About Me
TEMPLATE - All About Me
Maker Lab Book template

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