Book Creator update – remixing and analytics

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It's summer. ISTE is in progress. That can really only mean one thing - Book Creator update! But this time we have not one but TWO major updates to announce to you...

1. Remixable books

Previously, one of the things missing from the publishing process was that teachers would come across great books online but not be able to download them, only read them. From now on, you'll be able to add books to your library with a simple click!

Wherever you see the Remix button, hit that button and the book will be added to the library of your choice. Easy!

new remix button in the toolbar

New publishing flow

"Remix" is a term used in Creative Commons which means work has been shared with a license that allows people to freely use, edit and repurpose that work.

Now, when you come to publish your book you'll be given new options for how you want that book to be shared:

Confirm book details

How to publish your book online

As you can see, if you choose to allow remixes of your book, other teachers and students will be able to download the book to their library and edit their copy of it.

Public or private?

You'll also notice that we've now given the option to choose Private or Public sharing. If you choose Private, your link is secure and cannot be viewed unless you share it. With a Public link, your book will be findable in Google search results, meaning lots more people will be able to find and share your creations!

Digital Portfolio
Letter Mashup
Wellbeing Journal
Mathematical Inferences!

Remixable books to get you started

Obviously, the real joy here is in the Book Creator community being able to easily share templates that they've made with each other. And we've given you a head start by pulling together some of the best community-made templates, alongside specially created ones from some edtech superstars!

Explore remixable books →

Eventually, you'll be able to find all of these remixable books and more in our new and updated Discover section (available inside the app and publicly at We'll be collating and showcasing more and more books as they get published, building it out into a huge resource for teachers. We're also teaming up with publishers to provide new educational content for teachers (such as these books from Common Sense Education).

MBP with Discover home screen

2. Analytics for books

This is so exciting. Just imagine how much more engaged and motivated your students are going to be when you tell them that their book has been read by people from around the world!

This is now a reality. You can view how many times a book has been read (and where!).

You'll see the number of reads for any published books that you come across (ones that start, like this one below.

Accessing your analytics

When you're in your library, you'll be able to see the individual analytics of any published book. If you're on a paid subscription you can zoom down to city level stats anywhere in the world. It also shows the number of times someone has remixed your book.

Our Teacher Success Manager Jon Smith revitalised his classroom when he first started publishing books to the iBooks Store back in 2014. Book Creator Ambassador Jane Ross was preaching about the power of student publishing in 2013. It's tried and tested that giving students a global audience will empower them and motivate them to do their best.

It's always been a difficult process to first publish books and second, get analytics on them. Now, with Book Creator, it's easier than it's ever been. Publish a book, watch the analytics grow and enjoy the increased engagement in your class.

Jon Smith
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7 Comments on “Book Creator update – remixing and analytics”

  1. Hi,
    analytics is a great tool. Thanks a lot. I would also appreciate possibility to set an email address request for my readers, so that I could see who of my students has read the book. Do you think of any such tool?

  2. thanks a lot for creating this book creator, this is my first time to have fun reading and making book for my students in Indonesia, at SMAN 18 Surabaya. wait for the latest news from all the teams here. Thank you.

  3. I love it. I connected Book Creator with service learning. My students made Korean tutorial books. They can see how many times their books remixed and where their books were read. They are proud of themselves.

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