Remote Learning with Book Creator for Teachers

Remote Learning with Book Creator for Schools

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Teachers around the world have been using Book Creator for remote learning since schools closed. Take a look 👀


New to Book Creator?

Book Creator is a simple tool for making digital books.
Create. Read. Publish.

We give every teacher 1 library with 40 books for free.

Book Creator
We’re here to support you with ideas, resources and more to make sure your students remain engaged and creative while at home.

Get started

You’ll need to create your first library and then have students sign in from home. They sign in with a Google, Office 365 or Clever account. If they don’t have one of these, here are ways they can sign in without an email.

After they sign in for the first time, they’ll need your library code to join your library. We’ve written full guidance for how this process works in our guidance for home learning support article, which talks through the process for teachers and parents.

Read the guidance

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Home Learning webinar

Daily webinars

We’ve been broadcasting daily webinars to help you get up and running with the logistics and some creative ideas for remote learning.

If you can't make a live session, here’s a recording of Jon and Catherine’s home learning webinar.

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Activity book!

We thought you might like a helping hand to get the ball rolling. So here’s a fun book we put together, jam-packed with activities for students of all ages to introduce them to Book Creator.

Simply add this book to your library, and get students to make their own copy. You can even edit it yourself first if you want to customize it for your class.

Get your copy

The Big Book Creator Activity Book

Ideas & Inspiration

Book Creator can be used in any subject, with any grade level. So you should focus on assignments that allow the student to get creative and demonstrate their understanding. This could literally be anything you’ve been working on in class!

If you’re looking for a range of lesson ideas – start with our Resources hub:

Focus on taking current projects that students have been working on and getting them to create a book – a digital version of what they may have done in an exercise book had they been in school!

This could be a journal, a report, a story retell, poetry – you name it. Have students write but also record their voice, add video and images to their books and be as creative as possible.

Take a look at these examples from teachers and students who have already started making books remotely.

Tips for better working

Work collaboratively

Set tasks that involve students working on the same book at the same time. This could be a class book that you’ve been working on already, or if you’re looking for ideas, why not compose a daily journal so students can keep tabs on what everyone else has been doing each day?

Or you could take part in the latest #TWIMA (The World is My Audience) project with Jon Smith. The current project is ‘Traditions’, and details can be found in this Google Doc.

Collaboration in Book Creator


To help with this, we’re giving away real-time collaboration for free to ALL teachers.

To claim your free collaboration upgrade, you’ll need to:

  1. Sign into your Book Creator account. If you don’t have an account yet, create one and we’ll give you 1 library and 40 books for free.
  2. Start your collaboration trial on your account – you’ll automatically get 90 days free.

Keep good communication

Student books will appear directly on your bookshelf, so there’s no need for students to go through a complicated turn-in procedure. (Tip: you can decide whether or not students can see each other’s books).

Communicate with your students by recording audio hotspots with feedback on their work to correct and guide them.

Boost motivation by sharing work

As kids work on their books from the comfort of their home, help them feel even more motivated and engaged by sharing their books beyond your library.

You can publish individual books (or even a whole library) online with ease – showcase great work on your class blog or school website, on social media and beyond. Students will be even more engaged if they know the books they are creating will be seen by a wide audience. Everyone loves to be a published author!

Share your ideas

Do you have any other ideas for activities or lesson plans that work well for remote learners? Let’s work together! If you have ideas, or want to connect with other teachers, join our Facebook Teachers group or share via Twitter.