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We are thrilled to announce the winners of our Book Creator comic competition.

Comic book legend Kevin Eastman assessed each of the 10 shortlisted finalists, and he’s made a decision on the top three.

See the 10 finalists

It was a very close thing, but here are the winning three. Well done!

#1 Nanoo Pea Pie and the Coupots

Nandini Tyagi, age 8 from India.

Nanoo Pea Pie and the Coupots

Congratulations Nandini!

Here are Kevin Eastman’s comments:

  • AwesomePlot and idea: Clever name, funny story with a good message.
  • Artwork and image: Great cover, nice drawings throughout.
  • Use of language: Very detailed and stays focused.
  • Design and layout: Easy to follow, stays on focus with the story.
  • Use of multimedia: Very well balanced, great overall – not too much, just enough!

Considering Nandini’s age – the overall story and artwork makes this the winner.

Nandini wins our first prize of an iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil (Nandini chose the gold, 12.9 inch version). Plus Kevin Eastman has promised to send her a signed drawing!

Josephine and NandiniNandini said:

I am so happy and excited that I won! I screamed with joy and jumped to hug my mom when ma’am broke the news. My entire family celebrated my success!!!

Her teacher, Jospehine Kulandairaj, said:

I am speechless! Words cannot describe the joy I felt upon reading the email that announced the winner. Nandini is a sincere, hardworking and creative child. She deserves the prize.

Download the comic from the iBooks Store

We promised to publish the top 3 winners to the Apple iBooks Store.

Let’s encourage Nandini by downloading the book and leaving lots of nice comments!

Nanoo Pea Pie and the Coupots

Nanoo Pea Pie and the Coupots

By Nandini Tyagi

Get it on iBooks

#2 Girls Don’t Play Basketball

Leah Ray, age 11 from Canada.

Girls don't play basketball

Of Leahs’ book, Kevin said:

  • Plot and idea: Great, historical, very detailed, well paced.
  • Artwork and image: Lots of detail, careful drawings.
  • WOW!Use of language: Solid, supports the story, not over or under-written.
  • Design and layout: Specific in style, same layout throughout, which is cool, but mixing it up a little may have made it even stronger.
  • Use of multimedia: Solid. Seems to have been specifically done for dual use – you can listen to the comic or just read the text.

Leah wins an iPad Mini 4 (she chose the gold one).

Leah said:

Jan Dance and Leah RayComing up with the topic, writing the storyline, drawing the pictures-it wasn’t easy! But Book Creator made it so much easier.

Overall, it was definitely hard work but in the end something great happened and I had a blast making it!

Leah’s teacher is Jan Dance. She said:

This has been an exciting adventure for all of us at St. Mary’s School. Leah embraced this opportunity to explore her writing and artistic talents in a fun and creative way.

She has inspired the students and teachers around her with her perseverance and impressive accomplishment. Book Creator is a personal and school favourite when it comes to apps. I can’t wait to see where Leah and our other artists and authors take their writing creations.

Girls don't play basketball

Girls Don’t Play Basketball

By Leah Ray

Get it on iBooks

#3 Cat Man

Kieran Parker-Rumbolt, age 11 from Canada.

Cat Man sample page

Kevin Eastman’s notes:

  • Plot and idea: Very clever, very funny!
  • yeahArtwork and image: Mostly all photos with some great effects. Some of the cat images were hard to follow. Cover could have been stronger, to match the rest of the comic.
  • Use of language: Very good, detailed and easy to follow.
  • Design and layout: Nice flow.
  • Use of multimedia: Excellent – great touches added to the humour.

Kieran also wins an iPad Mini 4 (and he also chose the gold one!).

Kieran said:

I am really happy and excited to have been given this opportunity. I am proud of myself for getting so far in the competition and I had a lot of fun writing the book and getting to share it with lots of people.

I’m thinking about writing a second book and am excited about Cat Man’s next adventure. Thank you so much for choosing me to get this far and I’m glad you enjoyed my story. Have a good day.

His teacher, Daphne Amster, said:

Kieran Parker-Rumbolt and Daphne AmsterWe have been using Book Creator in the classroom for 3 years now. The comic book option in Book Creator transformed all my students into mini Stan Lees and Kevin Eastmans!

The fact that one of my students were chosen by Kevin Eastman as one of the top three finalists of the Book Creator comic book competition is a very proud moment in my teaching career. I am so proud of Kieran and his ability to express his imagination through media.

Cat Man front cover

Cat Man

By Kieran Parker-Rumbolt

Get it on iBooks

Thank you!

Kevin Eastman and his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles artworkOur thanks again to everyone who took part – we loved seeing all the comics you made and it’s great to think that Book Creator is enabling kids to get creative in different ways.

And our special thanks to Kevin Eastman for taking time out to judge the competition. Here’s hoping you’re inspired to be the next Kevin Eastman!

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