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This charity used Book Creator to publish the proceedings from their conference online. We haven't see this before!

Recently, I had the special pleasure and privilege of designing a Conference proceedings ebook on my favourite app, Book Creator. As a graduate of the Now and Next program, I attended the first Alumni conference run by families, for families and was asked to document proceedings in a way which would be of interest to families.

Read about how the Now and Next team used Book Creator to help transform the therapy experience of families affected by disability [Case study, January 2016]

Front cover of the NANA Post-Conference Ebook

The Now and Next program is a successful and empowering program, developed by Plumtree, for parents raising children with delay or disabilities.

I was already experienced with using the iPad and Book Creator as they are integral to the program. In addition,  I have a passion for fine and applied art and design and was naturally interested in exploring the creative capacity of the Book Creator app.

So, when I was first introduced to Book Creator while embarking on the Now and Next program,  to my surprise, my ebook went beyond documenting my daughter's goals and progress, into a media of creative expression!

The app allowed me to create beautiful layouts, use the drawing tool to draw in great detail, make social stories, add photographs, embed music, record and incorporate sounds, conversations and video to create a more immersive tool by engaging all medias of audio, video and text. In short, for me, it tied in the practical aspect of documentation with aesthetic appeal.

Since then, I use Book Creator to document almost everything. I create collages, layouts and entire ebooks, for both personal and professional use. Not surprisingly, I was excited at the prospect of using the app once again to document the trailblazing, first-ever parents' conference of the Now and Next Alumni and to be able to share it online with all parents who had attended the conference.

The following are the highlights of the ebook:
  • The ebook is designed to be highly visual and not text-heavy, engaging and informative.
  • It captures the spirit and essence of the conference effectively.
  • Summarised versions of all the topics presented at the conference, aimed at educating the attending parents. 
  • Incorporated feedback of the conference through direct quotes from the attendees.
  • Each page is as unique and interesting as the presenter.
  • Image of the Universe in the backdrop of all pages, maintain the synchronicity as well as the conference theme of intergalactic journey through space.
  • Minimalistic, colourful and creative design and layouts.

My aim was to do justice to the uplifting event that it was, for all present.

Inside the NANA Post-Conference Ebook

I am happy to have discovered a new passion for using Book Creator as an easy design tool to create, design and document significant events, information and special memories, to keep and share, physically as well as virtually.

I continue working on my favourite art and design projects, from fine art like custom-made paintings and mandalas to commercial art like logo design and advertising, as well as digital media work like ebooks.

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