The Chromebook Infused Classroom microbook

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Check out this sample chapter from Holly Clark's fantastic resource about blended learning and student-centered classrooms.

We've worked with Elevate Books Edu in the past to publish microbook versions of The Google Infused Classroom and Trevor Mackenzie's Dive Into Inquiry. So we're delighted to release the latest in our series - The Chromebook Infused Classroom.

The full book was published by Holly Clark in 2020 and is available as a paperback or Kindle edition on Amazon. If you know Holly Clark from her website, Facebook group or have attended one of her sessions at a conference, you'll know that this book is a must-read for anyone who has Chromebooks in their classroom.

What you'll find in the book

Foreword - by Kasey Bell

Background - Why use Chromebooks? Generation Z learners, 5G and AI, digital literacy to fluency

Get in the know - Know your Chromebook, Depth of Knowledge, 4Cs, ISTE standards, digital citizenship

The Chromebook Infused Classroom - Framework for tech integration, 12 components, the Infused Teacher, Techquity, 10 questions when using Chromebooks, delivery model of instruction

The Chromebook Infused Student - Activate curiosity, keep track of learning, demonstrate knowledge, reflect on the learning journey

Going from Analog to Digital - The power of simplicity, digital assessments, digital workflows and digital lessons across the curriculum

Meet the apps and extensions - Book Creator, Adobe Spark, Flipgrid and lots more!

Inside the Microbook

Holly allowed us to reproduce a chapter of her book in Book Creator, and we chose the chapter on 'Using the power of simplicity to change your classroom', as this is a concept that resonates deeply with us at Tools for Schools. We've also included the chapter that Holly wrote on Book Creator for those of you who aren't yet using Book Creator for Chrome. (You can get started for free here!)

Read the book online

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