New templates to introduce your students to Book Creator

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We know that teachers are incredibly busy, and many can be reluctant to try new digital tools. On the flip side, teachers tell us all the time that Book Creator is simple to use, and it can be transformative for students’ learning.

We’ve been thinking about how we can bridge this gap, making it easier for those more reluctant teachers to enable their students to try Book Creator.

One request we’ve had from tech coaches and teachers is to have ready-to-go resources that can be used to introduce Book Creator to students for the first time.

Teach Your First Lesson with Book Creator

So - here's a new resource! We’re really excited to share our ‘Teach Your First Lesson pack’, which includes five lesson plans and student templates for different age ranges, along with a teacher guide.

These templates are ready to remix and use in class straightaway to introduce Book Creator to students.

How to remix books (add templates to your library)

Here's what's included:

  • 'Teach Your First Lesson' book with lesson plans for each template
  • Kindergarten and Grade 1-2 templates with video instructions for kids
  • Templates for grades 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12 all include audio tooltips
Teach Your First Lesson with Book Creator

Teachers can follow the lesson plans to introduce Book Creator in a structured way. Each page of the templates introduces students to a different feature in Book Creator, ranging from adding shapes, to using text to speech, to formatting a page to improve the design.

Feel free to modify the lesson and/or the template to meet the needs of your learners, or to align the tasks to a topic you’ve been working on in lessons. It’s OK to let your students play. They won’t break anything! The structure in this lesson is provided as a springboard for creativity, but you don’t have to feel bound by it.

At the end, students can create their own Book Creator certificate, enabling them to celebrate their new skills and feel ready to use Book Creator confidently in their next lesson, whatever the learning objective - to demonstrate their learning, write a story, or record their hypotheses and conclusions from a lab experiment.

Click on a book cover below to add it straight to your own Book Creator account. Or view the library and remix the books whenever you want.

Book Creator and Me - Kindergarten
Book Creator and Me Grade 1 - 2
Book Creator and Me Grades 3 - 5
Book Creator and Me Grade 1 - 2
Book Creator and Me Grade 1 - 2

Other ways to start your first lesson

Some teachers feel it's best to introduce Book Creator to students with a blank canvas - if that works for your students, that's fine - everyone learns differently, and many kids benefit from learning through play.

If you want to let the kids experiment but have a focused purpose in mind, why not start with an About Me book? This is a simple, understandable idea (and is particularly good for introducing a new class to each other). You can use the instructions in our support article (Your first book) or perhaps use one of our remixable templates below. ⤵️

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