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New 5-year partnership agreed with Denmark's leading educational digital media platform.

We are delighted to announe that our partnership with Skoletube will continue for the next 5 years. This means that schools across Denmark who use Skoletube can continue to receive a premium Book Creator account for no additional cost.

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Skoletube provides a range of online tools and apps that students and teachers use to create, publish, and share media productions in a safe setting that is purpose-built for the needs of education. Skoletube reaches more than 90% of Danish schools to serve approximately 600,000 students in Denmark.

We just love Book Creator's intuitive user interface where combining text, images, audio and video is easy for all users.

Marcus Bennick“I'm so thrilled about extending the partnership with Book Creator. Book Creator has proven to be an extremely popular addition to the Skoletube service, with more students and teachers creating awesome digital books every day,” said Skoletube CEO, Marcus Bennick.

“This agreement ensures that hundreds of thousands of students and teachers have access to Book Creators creation platform for years to come. We just love Book Creator's intuitive user interface where combining text, images, audio and video is easy for all users."

A creative partnership

Since 2018, we have seen incredible usage of Book Creator across Denmark thanks to Skoletube. Nearly 1 million books have been made in Book Creator by Skoletube users!

27,000 teachers
177,000 students
33,000 libraries
896,000 books

Indeed, the number 1 user of Book Creator (in the world!) is from Denmark and uses Skoletube. Meet Rikke Falkenberg Kofoed. Rikke signed into Book Creator an incredible 1,948 times since creating an account 3 years ago! She also became a Book Creator Ambassador in 2018.

Rikke tells us more about what is happening in Denmark:

Rikke Falkenberg Kofed"The past 3 years have been an adventure for us and for the Danish students. It has been wonderful to see how teachers all over Denmark have fallen in love with Book Creator and started using it in class. Due to the full version they have had through Skoletube it has been very easy for teachers to work together and share their work with other teachers.

"And it's not just schools. Because so many students have access to the full version of Book Creator, museums, NGOs and others have also been pointing to Book Creator as a creative tool to use."

For example, Rikke and fellow Ambassador Peter Leth collaborated with IBIS / Oxfam this year. Each year the charity writes books highlighting the varying situations of children around the world ("Læseraketten —the Reading Rocket). These books focus on Sustainable Development Goals -  especially Goal 4 - Quality Education.

Once produced, they used Book Creator to distribute the books to schools across Denmark, as an education resource which can also be used as a template for kids to add their own work.

During the COVID lockdown in Denmark, more than 800 students created a book together. Each kid created just one page telling us about their home school. Rikke also created a teacher and student guide for creating a book like this, and included the templates she used. You can find it here: legmedit.dk/sammen-hver-for-sig. Amazingly, this book is now listed in The Danish Kids Book of Records as the largest interactive book written by kids in Denmark!

There is now a thriving Facebook group for teachers using Book Creator in Denmark. Among other things, this group has a shared library where they share completed books and templates with each other. A popular book is one that Rikke wrote to help explain the COVID-19 situation to kids: 'Milton and the invisible coronavirus'.

Author spotlight

Jon Smith interviewed Rikke for our monthly author spotlight.

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