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We are excited to launch our new accreditation programme to help fast-track you to success with Book Creator!

We have a brand new feature to announce! We're launching a certification programme to steer you through learning the basics of Book Creator, and then helping you to apply our rich range of features to specific classroom scenarios.

Jump straight to the course at

Certified Author badge

The Book Creator Certified Author programme is divided into two parts. For level 1 certification, there are 14 lessons covering the standard features of Book Creator - adding multimedia, reading and publishing books, navigating your libraries and more. At the end of level 1 you need to pass a quiz, at which point you'll become a Book Creator Certified Author, and receive an awesome badge!

Note this certification programme is not available via the Book Creator for iPad app, you'll need a Book Creator account to complete this course.

Start your journey towards becoming a Certified Author

To access the Book Creator Certified Author course, sign into Book Creator at

Navigate to the Teacher Dashboard and click on the Certification Tab at the top.

You can work your way through the course at your own pace (we estimate it will take around 60 - 75 minutes in total to complete level 1). Level 1 is delivered through well structured and easy to follow videos.

Our Teacher Success Manager Jon Smith is your tutor for the Certified Author course. Jon has 19 years experience as a special education teacher and technology integration specialist, and he knows Book Creator inside out.

Jon said:
"I'm so excited to be on this journey with you. We've put a lot of time and effort into making this course to bring you the best of Book Creator in a short, easy to digest format. Special thanks go out to our friends at the Ottowa Catholic School Board who helped us develop the course and provided invaluable feedback."

Assign via your admin dashboard

Administrators with access to the Admin Dashboard can request that staff complete the Book Creator certification.

Learn more

Invite to certification

This is a great way for districts to assign PD and deliver renewal credits to staff.

What's more, admins can even see who in their organization has completed certification (or who is still in progress).

Sorting teachers by certification status

So what are you waiting for? Sign into Book Creator now and get your Level 1 badge!!! 🎉

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26 Comments on “Become a Book Creator Certified Author”

  1. Just got my Badge….yeahhhhh…..wish it had my name on it, then it would become more personal. I feel like I can get any ones badge and say I am a Certified Book Creator.

  2. A wonderful tool.
    I would like to promote it to my colleagues.
    Let everyone benefit, and let the students be satisfied.
    To make teaching more interesting and creative,
    and communication with students is simpler.

  3. When I got my badge, I was so happy, it became a personal achievement of mine. I shared the Badge on social media and taged that I am a Certified Book Creator, I felt great then.
    Thank you Book Creator

  4. Buenas Noches, estoy interesada en usar esta aplicación para diseñar un libro Para enseñar Música Interactivo para mis niños,.
    Veo que toda la información esta en Ingles , ese es el idioma oficial de la aplicación y no hay nada en español_

  5. Hi Dan,
    Got my Level 1 Badge today. Thank you. The videos and explanations were very nicely explained. Three cheers to Jon Smith.

  6. Buonasera, desidero sapere se i book creati e pubblicati on line nel periodo della didattica a distanza in modalità “free”, saranno sempre attivi sul sito o copiando il link ai book.
    Grazie, Monica.

  7. Hello,
    I am a teacher librarian who has been using Book Creator for 2 years now. I love it and can see much potential. I would be interested in becoming certified.
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Renee Cerio

  8. Is the certified authors level 1 contents and access only available on paid version? or we can still view and take the level 1 and 2 on free version as well?

  9. I got my badge but I was under the impression I could get some premium time to try out features outside the free version. Shame that’s not the case and I cannot promote this any further within my school and circle of education colleagues as I don’t have full visibility of premium features in use.

    1. Hi Carmen – there is a 14-day trial period for real-time collaboration which you can activate. It doesn’t give you other premium features, but you can test collaboration in that time.

      If you’d like to talk to someone about trialling the premium version in your school then please contact our sales team.

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