Remote Learning with Book Creator for Schools

Remote Learning with Book Creator for Schools

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Book Creator is the perfect tool for remote learning

Keep your whole school community feeling connected by sharing and celebrating student creativity.
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During this time, we want to support you with technology that allows students to create rather than consume


Support for Remote Learning

Support for Remote Learning

We're on hand with resources to help you get up and running

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If you’re using Book Creator for the first time, you will need to set up your admin dashboard and you may want to connect Book Creator to your LMS.

Teachers and students can use their Google, Office 365 or Clever ID to sign in and create an account with ease. Teachers can also use their email address. We also have ways to allow students to sign in even without an email address.

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Help your teachers understand how to set up their libraries and invite students, and then inspire them with great ideas for remote learning! We’re here to help with this.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss bespoke training for your school or district.

We offer regular webinars on home learning and getting started with Book Creator. See our full calendar here.


Let parents know that you’re using Book Creator for remote learning. You’ll want to share our remote learning guidance for families, and then once the creativity is unleashed why not send out regular updates?

Teachers can publish student books online, so make sure you let parents know that their kids are becoming published authors! This will really help motivate kids to create fantastic books.

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Collaboration in Book Creator

BONUS! Real-time collaboration

During the coronavirus pandemic, we’re offering every teacher free use of a premium feature - real-time collaboration, for 90 days.
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Kids can make books together, at the same time, from their own homes!

98% of teachers say Book Creator made a positive impact on their teaching.
Find out more about Book Creator generally, and check out our pricing page to generate a quote for your school. Or contact us via the button below.
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