Looking for an ebook creator? Found it.

Jason SandCase study, Creative Arts

This Apple Distinguished Educator has combined a passion for creating with a love of technology to make some spectacular books with his Graphic Arts students.

I started to use Book Creator after researching many different ways to create ebooks, and Book Creator has proven to be the best app that I have found for that.

I love the simple interface and the quality of the end product. With Book Creator you can make professional books ready to share with the world.

I had the opportunity to share my process on co-publishing books with my students to over 400 teachers from 31 different countries this summer at the Apple Distinguished Educator Global Institute in San Diego, California.

Jason at the 2014 ADE Global Institute

Making good use of Book Creator

These days, I use Book Creator for any project where I want to generate a digital book.

I have used it with my students in my classroom and with my daughters at home – we made a book titled ‘Some Bunny Loves You‘ for my wife on Mother’s Day. This was the first finished book I’d created with Book Creator.

I have also made training material that I use for teaching other teachers about technology-related topics, such as using Book Creator, and Sketchnoting, to name a couple.

Found It screenshot in Book Creator

Book Creator is a good fit for what I do because of its ease of use and ability to share the final product. I have published books to the iBook Store, shared them through iTunes U courses and even made books available to download locally for selected groups of readers.

Transformational for student learning

The greatest takeaway that I’ve learned about using Book Creator and publishing books is that it has been transformational for my students learning.

I have taught graphics and illustrating for a long time and until I used Book Creator with my students the process was always missing something. Book Creator has given us the tool to create and deliver professional content that is worth sharing with the world I am very proud of what my students create and how their work is displayed when it is finished.

Found It in Book Creator

Found It

I will never forget the time I finished the first ‘Found It’ book with my students. I waited for it to go live on the iBooks Store and when it did I was amazed by the response. I had people from around the world contacting me, giving us positive feedback and wanting to use our book as an example of what was possible in the classroom today.

The Found It books are collaborative search and find books by that I made with my Graphic Arts students. Each page has the illustrator’s name beneath the items you need to find, and you can press the audio hotspot to hear the illustrator read the items out. There are now 3 volumes published.

View the ‘Found It’ series on the iBooks Store

Screenshot from Found It viewed in iBooks

When I shared the comments and feedback we had received with my students, their reactions made me know that this process was everything I hoped it would be. The students felt empowered to know they had created a piece of work that would last forever, and one student literally cried tears of joy from the positive feedback she received about her page in the book!

Giving students a truly authentic learning experience is very powerful.

Future plans for using Book Creator

  • I am currently creating my fourth volume in the “Found It” series with my students.
  • I am making a collaborative monster book with Robyn Torry. Robyn is a Grade 2 teacher in Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada. For this book her grade 2 students are designing a monster and writing a descriptive paragraph. Then my graphic arts students will refine their art and create the book, ready to be published.
  • I am also creating several teacher resources to add to my website.

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