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This author left Adobe InDesign behind for Book Creator’s simpler interface, and has gone on to publish over 25 books on the iBooks Store already.

From Adobe InDesign to Book Creator

Initially I started publishing with Adobe’s InDesign but found the program quite difficult for exporting readable ePubs for iBooks.  This led me to go searching for a simpler program that produced high quality content in the ePub format, hence stumbling upon Book Creator. I now create all my books with Book Creator and haven’t looked back.

A is for Apple ebook

Books made in Book Creator

‘Pippy Ran Away’ was the first book I wrote and published using Book Creator.

Pippy Ran Away cover Download ‘Pippy Ran Away’ from the iBooks Store

Book Creator was a great fit for Pippy because I could take all the spreads I’d created within InDesign, and with minor tweaking place them into Book Creator.

Being able to take the sound already created in the book trailer and adding this into an interactive book took Pippy Ran Away to a whole other level.

Since then, I’ve published more than two dozen books on the iBooks Store, all made with Book Creator.

Peter Crumpton's books in the iBooks Store

Other books I’ve made include

My Pillow Armadillo

My Pillow ArmadilloMy most recent book is the story of a cheeky Armadillo Pillow who keeps a little boy, Pete, awake at night.

I wrote this inspired by the style of Dr Seuss for my grandfather (Opa). I’m working out a marketing strategy at the moment for this book, potentially donating proceeds from the book to the Cancer Council Australia.

I’m testing a higher price point for Pillow Armadillo to see how it goes.  With all the books I’ve tried different price points to gauge what works the best, although most of my books are now free.

View ‘My Pillow Armadillo’ in iTunes

Focusing on the storytelling

Whilst Book Creator may look too simple to produce professional quality for some, I have found the simplicity and ease of use a godsend.

It allows me to focus purely on the story telling without having to figure out millions of options on how to format it. This also takes away the burden of “will my final export look like what I’ve produced?”

The simplicity creates a more professional, sleek look overall and keeps me in the moment telling compelling stories again and again with little distraction.

A page from Pippy Ran Away

Future plans

I’m currently in the process of writing a satirical self-help book told from the point of view of a monkey! This will be titled ‘How a Monkey fled the 9-5 and how you can too!’

Initially this was going to be crafted in text as a short novella, however, the simplistic style Book Creator offers provides me a unique way to layout Monkey with the use of illustrations and larger fonts, as well as adding a simple instant audio narration.

I have ‘Fat Poo Green Smoothies’ and ‘Fat Poo Yoga For Beginners’ coming out soon too!

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