10 million ebooks made with Book Creator!

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It’s World Book Day today (5 March), and to celebrate, we gave away copies of our app, Book Creator for iPad.

Book Creator for iPad v1.5

Book Creator for iPad v1.5 – released Sept 2011

Book Creator has come a long way since launching on the App Store in September 2011.

Ex-Nokia Product Manager Dan Amos originally had a vision for a tool that could help people become self-published authors.

The original version of Book Creator allowed for importing photos and styling text, but we’ve made several improvements since then: including importing video, a pen tool, hyperlinks, adding audio and soundtracks, exporting the book as a video… the list goes on!

The iPad version has become the no.1 Book app in 80 countries and we’re thrilled to say that we recently passed the landmark of 10 million ebooks being created with Book Creator.

Check out some of the books that have been made with Book Creator

Page from the Fire Truck and the Moon, as seen in Book Creator

Grab a copy of Book Creator!

To celebrate World Book Day, and the milestone of 10 million ebooks, we gave away copies of the iPad version, for free!

The app is available for £3.50 / $4.99 from the iTunes App Store. We asked you what books you would make if you had Book Creator (see comments below!).

Wow! What a response! And so many great ideas for the books you’ll make.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has ever used the app, reviewed or featured it, and suggested improvements and updates. Book Creator belongs to you!

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80 Comments on “10 million ebooks made with Book Creator!”

  1. Hi, I’d like a free copy of Bookcreator. I’m a trainer for teachers, and i’d like to show them how to create books with their classes.


  2. Hi,
    I’d love a free copy of Book Creator so I can create books for my special needs students as there just aren’t any ready made resources suitable for their age group AND ability level.

    Fingers crossed!

  3. I would love a free copy of Book Creator app. Endless ideas for book creations. Planets, animals, places…

  4. A free copy would be amazing to use with my niece and nephew to allow them to create favourite versions of their own stories with an added individual twist!

  5. I love Book Creator. I would like to create a book about pure sounds to ensure children know them and can then use them to sound out words.

  6. I use BookCreator in Speech and Language Therapy. I speak about it in the workshops I give to SLPs and teachers. If I get a free copy, I would give it to a child who needs it.

  7. I would love to have my teachers collaborate as a grade level on a book! I presented on Book Creator to staff on Monday so it would be awesome to give a staff member a free download to get the ball rolling.

  8. We will use Book Creator for the Week of the press and media in school, creating interactive newspapers.

  9. I am a grade 3 teacher and would love to use the Book Creator app as a way for my students to share their learning.

  10. I’m a teacher and a trainer and I’d love to showcase Book Creator to all of the teachers I work with! Plus, I’d love to use it with my current intermediate students as they create books based on the inquiry question, “Is hope stronger than fear?”.

  11. I’d love to help my sons create books about our family trip to Vancouver. Also, my older son loves to write stories and this app would be fantastic for him. Thank you very much!

  12. My 4th grade students will create books based on their personal experiences being a 4th grader. They will also create historical realistic fictional stories, narrative fictional stories, and expository essays.

  13. We wrote books for the Write a Book project last month but we’d love to turn them into digital versions using the Book Creator app! Our stories are about animals, superheroes and boxing to name but a few!

  14. I would love to have Book Creator! I have a classroom set of iPads and my students would greatly benefit from having this app! We would be able to create and retell many stories as well as so much more!

  15. I’d like to write a book about the Rights of the child and show this app to other teachers.

    Thank you

  16. I would love a book creator app to enable me to create books for resource for pupils with additonal needs


  17. I’ve been wanting this app for a while! Going to make books in Spanish! I’m so excited!!!

  18. A Bhangra eBook showcasing the origins of the dance and then looking at the culture behind it. Nice and easy way to cover RE and Geography! Thanks!

  19. I would make a book about my family! I will also share this with my students, as I am a teacher to 23 second graders!

  20. There are so many possibilities! I would love to create a digital citizenship book for K-5 students and teachers, an ABC book of edtech integration ideas, … Thank you for the free giveaway today!

  21. My students would work collaboratively to create a book to welcome new students to our school community.

  22. I would use this app to create study guides for my classes to cover the Greek myths and Roman daily life topics of the subject. I would also get the pupils to design their own books using the myths covered in class.

  23. My students will be researching and writing about animals this month. This would be a great tool for them to create animal books!

  24. I would have my students create their nonfiction animal books using the app! This will be a great addition to the Animal Wax Museum we will be putting together in April. In addition, I would create ebooks to aid in the research my students are participating in, allowing me to embed videos and text to provide additional information.

  25. Book Creator is GREAT! N so easy to use. My son (5 yrs old) and I made a book about people in the community. It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed the family time. I would like to create a family album, or perhaps a school or class yearbook for my school or my wife’s 2nd grade class. Or perhaps a book on technology integration for the teachers at my site. Sounds fun already! Thank you

  26. Would love to get the full app for our school. Teachers love using the free app for studies of families, countries, their own book reviews. We would appreciate expanding the potential with the full, free app. Thanks!


    Well, we’re all out of download codes now! What a response. Everyone who commented above – I’ll be in touch to tell you how to download Book Creator for free.

    Sorry to those who missed out! You can always download the free version of Book Creator – create one book!

    – Dan Kemp, Book Creator team

  28. I realize it’s too late (just found out about this, looking for stuff about Book Creator), but I already have a license anyway.
    Would like to build an open textbook for ethnographic disciplines.

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