Open letter to the Book Creator team: When Book Creator saved the day

Christina MaharElementary / Primary, English / Language Arts

To the Book Creator team,

I want to share with you that Book Creator saved the day for one of my newcomers. As an ESL teacher, I helped my students prepare for presentations in the regular ed classroom. Two particular students have only been in the country 2 months.

They were terrified to present, so we recorded their presentations and recreated their posters on Book Creator so that they could practice. On the day of the presentation I let them use ear buds to listen to their own voices on an iPad just in case stage fright took over. One student used every audio he made to guide his presentation and he did a perfect job. His mother beamed with pride as she recorded the whole presentation.

The other student froze. She almost broke down with fear. When she looked at me with tears in her eyes and whispered, “I had no idea so many parents would be here,” I quickly came up with a solution.

With her permission, I projected her Book Creator poster on the document camera and played her audio while she stood and held her poster. She was terrified, but proud at the same time. She did it! She stood in front of everyone, she shared her project orally and accurately, and she faced her fears. I was so proud of both of them.

The Book Creator app allowed them to successfully participate in a project that normally newcomers would never be part of in the past. I wish you and Dan could have been there as they smiled from ear to ear when everyone applauded them.

Thank you for creating something that has not just helped education, it has changed it forever. This amazing app empowers the students to do things they never thought possible and has built their confidence in knowing they are capable of doing anything with the gift of technology and a little support from teachers that believe in them. Thank you!

Christina Mahar

A Proud Book Creator Ambassador

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