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Ever wondered if Book Creator can be used in the math classroom?

We sometimes hear from tech integrators that math teachers struggle to see how a book creating app would be useful in their classroom. Well, let's address this! As "MathyCathy" was saying back in 2014, oftentimes the textbooks we use in schools don't always accurately reflect the way we want to learn.

And if we consider Bloom's Taxonomy, the highest level of learning happens at the creation stage. Getting students to write books to show what they know is a perfect way to demonstrate learning in mathematics.

13 Math Projects front cover

13 Math Projects for Book Creator

Enter Lance Key, a K-12 mathematics teacher, tech integrationist and Book Creator Ambassador. He's the author of our latest offering for teachers from the 'Using Book Creator in the classroom' series.

This book includes 13 math projects that you can use in your classroom, each one tied to the Common Core standards and spanning each grade level. These projects can be easily modified to meet your teaching styles. Students can engage in any of the projects individually or collaboratively.

Read the book online

This book was written in Book Creator and contains example math books embedded into the pages. Read it online for the full experience, or if you prefer to read offline you can download the book from the Apple Books store.

Browse through the pages below:

You can find more teaching resources for mathematics in our resources library.

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