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Book Creator has teamed up with Empower the Learner to bring you a ground-breaking new template for learners to create their own 1-page profiles.

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The Empower the Learner profile forms part of a 3-step process developed by the team at Empower the Learner - a group of vastly experienced educators who have developed a framework based on the science of learning and development.

In the Empower the Learner (ETL) Framework, we first help kids understand and value their identity by having them share their stories of who they are, how they learn and what they aspire to be. These questions open the door to a discussion about the skills that will support their learning challenges, as well as the ways that will enhance their learning strengths.

Either independently or with guidance from a teacher, your learners will complete the sections in our downloadable workbook to ultimately create a 1-page profile that tells their story.

Start with the Introductory Book

Before you dive into the profile, we highly recommend you read the Introduction to Empower the Learner first to fully understand the research and pedagogy behind the profile. This book introduces the Mission and the team behind Empower the Learner. We delve into the factors that impact learning and each of these explored, particularly the theme of identity - where learners take ownership of who they are and how they learn, through the UDL lens of Access, Engage and Express.

Get the Empower the Learner profile template

This profile template is available to anyone using Book Creator to add to their library for free. If you're not already a Book Creator teacher, you can create a free account today and we'll give you 1 library and 40 books for free. Find out how to get started with Book Creator.

Once you're signed in, click on the Remix button below to add the book directly to the library of your choice.

Following a chance meeting at the VermontFest virtual conference in 2020, Jon Smith and Dan Kemp met Kathleen McClaskey to hear how the Empower the Learner program had developed. Kathleen, along with her colleagues Dr. Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles and Julie Hartman, was keen to build their profile in Book Creator. We decided to partner with them to make that happen!

Teacher Success Manager Jon Smith said: "I'm thrilled that students will have such a powerful tool to become advocates for their own learning. This template is all about kids learning to understand their own strengths and weaknesses, and finding ways to communicate that. Kathleen McClaskey is such a vastly experienced educator and we're very lucky to be benefitting from her years of research and insight."

Kathleen McClaskey (@khmmc), CEO & CLO of Empower the Learner said: "We are delighted to be partnering with Book Creator. The Book Creator app offers students multiple ways to tell their story though text, images, audio or video - these multiple means of expression are vital to giving learners freedom to tell their story in their own way. We hope your learners will share their story about themselves and how they learn as only they can do, so they can take action to develop the skills to support their challenges as well as enhance their strengths. Please share your experiences with the ETL Profile so we can feature your stories and your learners' stories in our blog at empowerthelearner.com."

💡 Looking for more ideas on how you can use the one-page profile in your classroom?

Then check out this webinar recording and hear from Jon and the team at Empower the Learner as they walk through the meaning and uses of the template. Hear examples of how you can engage your students to become advocates of their own learning.

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