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Looking to heighten creativity and engagement in your high school class? Hear how Linzi Holliday used Book Creator to help her students effectively demonstrate their learning.

I was first introduced to Book Creator at a presentation for parents highlighting the amazing things that our pupils would be able to achieve once our school went 1:1 with iPad devices. I was immediately amazed. ✨

Before the presentation was even finished I had the app downloaded and was creating my first book. With no training, or explanation I could work it out and was suddenly creating resources for my next lesson. It was that easy and more importantly it was something that I was proud of.

The resource was engaging and differentiated and had everything that my pupils needed in one place. No need for handouts or giving different resources out - my entire class could access it in their preferred ways. Once I realised how easy it was I was quickly inspired by how I could use it to set tasks for pupils to do. I did and they were so pleased with their results.

Those pupils that constantly told me how uncreative they were suddenly had beautifully presented and creative portfolios and work they were showing off to family and friends. It has been part of my ongoing teaching in all my subjects and across all year groups since.

The first time I used Book Creator I created a text book to go alongside a lesson which included various resources such as video links and PDF’s of information that they may want to access. 📹

How to embed a PDF into Book Creator

I have since used it in senior school to encourage the production of engaging and useable revision guides that the pupils create to appeal to their own way of learning. I have seen pupils create audio files of lessons (sometimes by recording and editing my teaching) or typing out their own notes etc. They have even made video clips and inserted them for each unit of work as summary files of the most important information.

Upload a video/photo straight into your book

One thing I have loved doing is getting the pupils to make textbooks and answer books for their fellow students. This is something that really engages the pupils and also provides me with a bank of resources for upcoming lessons and years.

The immediate impact

By using Book Creator I have seen an increase in pupil engagement and independence in their learning. 💥

Book Creator allows pupils to work in the ways which suit them and create work that really highlights their learning simply because they can deliver it in a way that benefits them. Through voice, written work or presentations pupils can very simply but effectively demonstrate their learning.

The way I prepare resources also allows me to ensure I am meeting all needs and considering the ways that pupils can engage with resources. Instead of always creating text hand outs, I am now considering how video and audio can enhance the amount and depth of information that pupils can access.

Add an audio hotspot into your book

By setting tasks in Book Creator, I have definitely seen an increase in effort and attainment as pupils are far more willing to create and produce high quality work. 📝

Allowing pupils to work collaboratively on books has meant they are far more engaged in the tasks and it stops only one pupil being responsible for all the finished work. This has meant the collaboration skills within my classroom has been far more effective and rewarding both for myself and the pupils.

How to collaborate in real-time on books

Test your creativity skills

Since the introduction of Book Creator to my teaching and learning I have discovered that allowing pupils the freedom of how to demonstrate their learning really improves outcomes for all.

I have found that the more you demonstrate within your own books the more pupils will use and build on these so it is important to highlight the creativity that you would like to get back from them - even if you don’t feel that your own creativity is that good.

For example, I produced this guide below and made sure to add lots of coloured backgrounds, text boxes and stickers to really bring the book to life. I also embedded links, images and videos to share the information in one place. 👇

Greek Theatre Workbook S2

I have loved being able to take pupils work and demonstrate it or use it with other classes and the pupils love it too! 💛

I definitely believe that pupils have grown in confidence in their presentation skills through the use of Book Creator and through the integration of the variety of options they have available they are learning what works best for them in their learning. They feel heard and understood when they can explain in their best way.

I had one pupil join our school who told me she would never engage in English and produced an amazing Book Creator book about her family simply because, as a Tik Tok enthusiast, she was able to play to her strengths and create similar content - she now loves English especially when she gets to create!

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