Engage and inspire your students as they head into 2022

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We are pleased to bring you this exciting new project which will help spread some positivity heading into 2022...

It's certainly been a challenging 18 months however, the new year is fast approaching and with that brings lots of new opportunities. It is the perfect time to set some exciting goals and create a positive mindset and classroom environment.

To help with this, we have come up with a collaborative project that would work easily for kids across the world, in any language and any age. This is all about ‘Hopes for the New Year’.

A time to reflect and set goals

Planning for the new year provides a time to reflect on previous goals.

If perhaps they didn’t go to plan, then allow students to take the time to figure out why then create a new plan as to how they may achieve them differently next year. This could act as a great motivator! If their goals were successful, be sure to praise them and identify how they can grow further in 2022.

As well as that, it can be a time to figure out what their strengths and weaknesses are which will help determine what they want to achieve next year. This could be academically or personally or perhaps a bit of both.

  • Become more creative by building a robot? 🤖
  • Learn a new instrument? 🎸
  • Make more friends and improve confidence 👯
  • Reduce their carbon footprint? ♻️
  • See family across the world who they haven't seen in a while? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Perhaps YOU can get involved too and help them along the way! Check out the Book Creator team's hopes for the new year ⤵️

    Share with the world

    If you didn't know already, then we LOVE publishing! 💛

    The fact that is provides an audience beyond the classroom, and even across the world provides a BIG boost of motivation and engagement to every little author.

    To bring this idea altogether, we want to share these 'Hopes for the New Year' books around the world and bring students together.

    Our idea is as follows:

    1. Your class creates a collaborative book containing messages of hope for the new year. They can use pictures, drawings, text, emojis, icons from the Noun Project, videos - basically any kind of multimedia they like!
    2. On the front, write your school name and what country you are from.
    3. The book is then published and submitted by the teacher via the button below.
    4. We then select books from across the world and put them into a shared library which we will publish and continually add to until 31st January 2022.
    5. You can then view this library online and read books of hope from students across the world.


    As an additional extra...

    Why not create a group in Flipgrid which your students can join? You can then post the published link to another class' hope book from our shared library.

    Your students can then respond via video to which hopes they associated with. This gives them the opportunity to add in all kinds of effects like frames, stickers, text and even backdrops - anything to spark their creativity whilst allowing time to provide peer feedback!

    We'd love to hear from you!

    Please do share any books or Flipgrid videos across social media with the hashtag #HopesforTheNewYear. By following the hashtag, you can then check out other school's books and draw inspiration from them.

    Let's all come together and enter the new year full of encouragement and positivity.  🎉

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    12 Comments on “Engage and inspire your students as they head into 2022”

    1. I like this idea. I am 32 years old and I love making books, I think that this app will be Paw-Some for young artists

    2. I am a 10 year old child and I think this is a good idea. This website will encourage young children to bring out their true selves and show how creative they are.

    3. I believe that the coming year, 2022, will be a year full of happiness and prosperity thanks to the amazing bookcreator team and their positive idea!

    4. I adore this website, I’m not going to say my age because I am uncomfortable with saying. Anyways I love it its so great that you can create books and you don’t even need the app! I love how you can change the font and all, and like most kids I pretty sure that hand writing and book can be a bit blunt sometimes, but with this it gives then a chance to create awesome books and on devices!

    5. I just love this website. My third graders enjoy writing in their books. Thank you Book Creator team for putting together this positive idea!

    6. Hi! Great idea! Do we have to submit our book in english? We wrote it in italian because we are a class of an italian primary school. Please reply us, thank you!!!

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