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This article is out of date. We now have a new web app that works on Windows. See information here.

Book Creator for Windows

Create ebooks on your desktop PC, laptop and tablet.

windows icon 310x310We are proud to introduce Book Creator for Windows, released on the Windows Store on 23 June. What’s more, we’re giving it away for free.

Book Creator comes to desktop

Book Creator for Windows brings our simple ebook creator interface to a desktop and laptop for the first time.

With over 15 million ebooks made with the iPad and Android app, we’re really pleased to welcome Windows into the Book Creator family. We’ve taken all the features that authors love from our tablet app and given them a distinctly ‘Windows-esque’ makeover.

With Book Creator for Windows you can:

  • Create books on a Windows tablet, laptop or desktop with an easy-to-use interface
  • Edit text and apply rich formatting with more than 40 fonts to choose from
  • Add photos and video or record audio
  • Utilise the drawing tool for illustrations and annotations
  • Read books with the in-app reader
  • Draft books in the ePub format to publish work on Apple’s iBooks Store or the Google Play Store
  • Send books by email or upload to OneDrive for quick and easy sharing

Read your books on a PC

With a built-in reader, Book Creator for Windows offers a handy solution for sharing the books you’ve made in on the iPad and Android tablets.

In the past, you’d need to rely on people owning an Apple device with the iBooks app installed. Now you can recommend Book Creator for Windows for those people who own a PC or laptop.

Book Creator for Windows is available exclusively on the Windows Store.

Get it free today.

Download Book Creator for Windows

26 Comments on “Book Creator for Windows is here”

  1. This looks great any would really benefit a lot of educational sites. Who would or could I speak to about the possibility of getting the .appx and related files for being able to sideload this app via an enterprise type store.

    1. Hi Alex. We’re still finding our feet with Windows, so please bear with us! I’m not sure how Microsoft handle multiple downloads via the Windows Store.

      In any case – let us keep working on the app and ironing out any early bugs we find – then we’ll be in a better position to support these kinds of requests.


    1. Hi Ole,

      We found an issue relating that caused the app to crash if the Windows OS is an another language. This has been fixed with the latest update.

  2. Will this ever be available for the mac desktop? I JUST bought a macbook pro – so I won’t be buying an iPad – I SO WISH I could use this on my macbook pro!

    1. We’re not working on an Apple desktop version for now, as iBooks Author already exists. But we have been thinking about a web version, which would work on Macs.

      1. Hi Dan,

        An online version sounds great. The reason people would like a Mac version over iBooks Author is that they have wildly different capabilities. I recently tried to make a children’s picture book using ITA, but it forces you to follow a structure not suitable for kids’ books. That’s why I found and love Book Creator for iPad. To be honest what I would REALLY like is for Book Creator to output fixed format to iBooks, Google Play and Kindle KF8 from one app! Such a pain that they’re all slightly different.

    1. We wanted to distribute the app via the Windows Store, as we have done with Google Play and the App Store. There is no Windows Store for Windows 7 and for this type of app we had to make it 8.1 or higher.

  3. How long is the free version going to be available? I have Windows 7 on my computer and I’ve just signed up to get the Windows 10 upgrade but I’ve no clue when I will get it. It states that I have to wait until I get a notification to upgrade.

    1. For the forseeable future we’re keeping it free. This may change down the line, so no guarantees, but hopefully it will still be free when you get Windows 10!

  4. Hi,
    I have recently read that Bookcreator is now available for Windows 10, very exciting news!
    I am; however, unable to locate it in the app store for download.
    Am I missing something?
    Is there a safe link that I can otherwise download the app for desktop from?
    Kind Regards,

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