Protecting students while empowering them to publish

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At Book Creator, we understand the power of an audience. Students want to share their learning and creations well beyond the walls of the classroom. However, as educators, we also need to protect their privacy and help them understand how to be responsible publishers.

Book Creator Ambassador, Beth Holland, and Bill Fitzgerald, Director of the Privacy Evaluation Initiative at Common Sense, discuss everything you need to know about protecting your students’ privacy while still empowering them to share their learning with the world.

Book Creator recently earned iKeepSafe COPPA Safe Harbor, FERPA, and California Student Data Privacy Certifications. This is the most secure level of certification available for educational technology products.

“Within a lesson students and teachers should be free to focus on the learning at hand without doubts about the privacy of their data” said Book Creator’s Founder Dan Amos. “iKeepSafe’s certifications make this possible, and we are proud that with Book Creator schools can continue to focus on creating their amazing ebooks, confident that their data is safe.”

“By earning these certifications, Book Creator has highlighted their commitment to safeguarding student data,” said iKeepSafe President Holly Hawkins. “Schools should feel confident that this product meets iKeepSafe’s quality standard of data privacy protection.”

Here’s our full Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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