Creating a collaborative teaching environment is easier than you think

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Teresa Lops decided to use Book Creator as the main tool to train newly hired teachers - here’s what she found out!

I started using Book Creator thanks to a training course on the use of digital tools and I immediately fell in love with it! The simplicity and versatility meant I could start making ebooks for my students and beyond. I use Book Creator for iPad a lot because I am an Apple teacher and I find it very comfortable, but not everyone uses Apple devices and luckily, Book Creator works very well online too.

Differences between Book Creator for iPad and Book Creator online

As a Book Creator ambassador, I am always interested in finding new, innovative ways for which I can use it in my school. Recently, I began using Book Creator in a training course I held for newly hired teachers which was an interesting and special experience as my students were adults and teachers themselves.

I wanted new teachers to explore the fun features of Book Creator as well as find different ways that their students can use it to demonstrate their learning. For me, the aim is to try and eradicate the idea of ​​the teacher as a dispenser of knowledge. Instead, they become a facilitator and mediator. 

Collaboration is key

Throughout the training session, I focused on creating a collaborative atmosphere by dividing the class into groups. I then introduced them to different tools like ThingLink, Wordwall and Padlet to create interactive activities and quizzes which they would then embed into their books.

How to embed content in Book Creator

So they could easily share any doubts and questions, I created a virtual classroom which was a great space to share other possible resources which could also be put into their digital books ⬇️

virtual class

The results

🎉  The collaborative work was immediate and the teachers were instantly engaged with their projects as they were surprised how many different media formats they could input in.

The subsequent individual work, on the other hand, was more complex for some of them. Paradoxically, I realized how much younger students are more ready to experiment on their own! Adults want all the steps to be explained to them. This surprised me because in my classroom the creation of ebooks is done by trial and error which leads them to learn by doing.

The enthusiasm, however, was constantly there and I was excited when several colleagues thanked me for opening a new world to them. They immediately started using Book Creator in their school activities and their students have loved experimenting with comics, journals, textbooks and more!

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