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The journey to student-centered learning

Incorporating student-centered learning is made easier through Book Creator and here’s why.
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Innovative Blended Learning ideas

Inspiring ideas to support creative teaching and #RemoteLearning activities. I originally created this Book Creator book as an innovation idea guide to support teachers, parents, grandparents and students with quick and simple remote learning ideas. I hope they add joy and inspiration to your day during this uncertain Covid-19 health crisis. It has turned out to be a work of
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The Big Book Creator Activity book

Check out this new activity book – designed to help out with homeschooling while schools are closed. It’s jam-packed with interactive content, puzzles, games, and challenges to bring out your creative side.
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Support for schools affected by Coronavirus

A special offer for schools affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, and some ideas for using Book Creator for remote learning.
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Book Creator as a tool for worldschooling

Have you heard of #WorldSchooling? It’s like homeschooling with a twist. This worldschool parent shares why Book Creator is a great tool for capturing learning whilst doing school on the move.
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App smashing Book Creator and ThingLink for Video

This EdTech specialist harnessed the creativity of her son whilst experimenting with some cool new video features in Book Creator and ThingLink.
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