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Here’s what we’re working on… a new, web based version of Book Creator that will work in the Chrome browser on ALL devices. That means Chromebooks, Macs, Windows devices…

NEW!! Book Creator for Chrome is open for beta testing »
17 July: Pricing page added for web version
13 August: Book Creator for Chrome goes live

Since it’s launch in 2011, Book Creator for iPad has gone on to become one of the best-selling Education apps on the App Store, with over 30 million ebooks made in classrooms across the world.

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Building on that success, we are now developing a web-based version of Book Creator to bring simple ebook creation to even more students and teachers.

This new version will allow you to create books on any device. And it will be as fully featured as the iPad version, plus more.

  • Add text, images, drawings, shapes, audio and video.
  • Create awesome comics with the built in comic templates.
  • Publish and share your books online with our new web-based reader.
  • Work collaboratively and combine books from multiple authors.
  • Access all your books on any device.

That last one is huge. Imagine students working on a book using their Chromebook at school, then getting home and grabbing their iPad to finish it.

Want to know more?

We’re planning to launch this new version of Book Creator in the summer, ready for the next school year.

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56 Comments on “Book Creator is coming to the web”

  1. Hello Dan,
    yesterday I bought your great App (€ 4,99).
    Now my question: will it be possible to combine the App with (for example) the new web-based-reader?
    Thanks for your answer.

    1. In our next update to the iPad app (coming soon), we’ll give you the ability to publish your books online to our web reader, yes. You’ll need a separate subscription to use the web editor version of Book Creator.

  2. If I want to create the books on a Windows PC and have my students view them on Chromebooks and possibly iPads, what is the best approach? Wait for the web editor version to be released?

  3. Hi Dan,
    It says that that students will be able to work collaboratively. For my classroom set of iPads, does that mean they can share and work on the same book in real time from different iPads?

    1. Collaborative working in real time will definitely happen with the Chromebook version. No plans to add this to the iPad version just yet – at the moment the iPad app is still an offline product. In either case, you can combine books from different authors with no problem using iPad or the Chrome version.

  4. Hi Dan! Is there a way to work with the app remotely online?

    I have several works already started in my iPad. I would like to continue them from my computer in my workplace. It would be awesome if I could work remotely and see the changes afterwards in my iPad. Is that possible?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Cristina – no, not as yet. You will be able to send books between the Chrome and iPad apps manually, so you could work on them on either device, but it won’t automatically sync.

    1. You’ll soon be able to manually send books between iPad and Chrome apps, but they won’t sync automatically – that’s something we’ll maybe work on down the line.

  5. Loving the new web based version on my Chromebook, can’t wait to show it off in training. Just wondering about a few things with Chromebook use:

    Option to download as PDF to Google Drive?
    Integration with Google Classroom planned?
    Making BookCreator available on Chrome Web Store for distributing the app across Chromebooks?

  6. Hi
    All my students paid for the app available on the ipad.
    Now they use a chromebook.
    Do I have to paid for the class.
    I would prefer they have their own library. Could what they have already paid for ?

    1. Hi Veronique – our aim is to add the ability to create libraries to our iPad app later this year. It will be the same as the Chrome app – 1 library and 40 books for free, with options to upgrade for more libraries/books.

    1. Hi Morten – we did originally plan to make it usable on phones but delayed that to focus on getting the Chrome version just right. We may adapt Book Creator so it can work on phones in the future, but there are no immediate plans to do so.

  7. My students are trying to use Book Creator and have been asked for a teacher code. How can I get this code for them to use your product?

    1. It’s possible Brayden, yes. But this app is only for use in education – so if you want to use Book Creator outside of education you’ll need our iPad app.

  8. Do pupils need an individual google account to log in to the web based version? We are using Windows PC not Chromebooks

    1. Yes, they need individual Google accounts to log in (on any device). This will change in the future when we allow for other methods for logging in.

  9. i don’t see anything in the chrome web store that will allow me to force install this app. when i search for book creator nothing comes back in the search windows.

  10. This site is so easy to use!
    I thought that all of my students would be able to create one book for free, but I only have 40 books in the library. I need 30 more….help!

    1. Hi Melissa, you can upgrade within the app by clicking on your avatar to get more books. Or to manage your quota, delete books or archive the library to free up space.

  11. If I want to purchase the app for my pc, for my son to use at home (we don’t have an iPad) should I say I am a teacher, or a student? Is this a one time fee, or an annual fee? Also if I were to get an iPad, will the fee be an annual one on the iPad, or a one-time one?

    1. Hello. The Chrome app is only for use in classroom settings – it may be we develop a version that can be used for “home” users in time. Right now, our iPad app is our home version – it is a one-off payment of $4.99 USD and it can be used offline. Thanks.

  12. Are there plans to be able to import Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides into books? Trying to develop a way for my students to do online interactive notebooks.

    1. No plans to do this, no. As a workaround you can take a screenshot and import that. Or you can copy and paste text.

  13. Trying to sing in as a student using o365 but its not working out. Is this signing option coming available soon?

    Google-sign in seems to be working well but would prefer o365 with our students.

    1. Hi Pirre – there were some issues previously but a recent Microsoft update fixed it for most users. If you’re still having problems drop us a line to and we’ll investigate your case.

  14. Any idea if the online app with Chrome is available in Czech republic? I’m trying to work with a collegue with my students and another class in Czech Republic with Book Creator.
    Thanks in advance!

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