QR code sign-in and LMS integration now available

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We’ve just added two new options for signing into the Book Creator for Chrome app.

Sign in with a QR code

We’ve heard from many elementary teachers who’d like to use Book Creator with their younger students but they don’t yet have email accounts. Teachers can now generate QR codes for their students and it’s super simple for them to log on. They just hold their code up to the camera and they’re taken right into your library!

Students also get to choose an emoji avatar when they first use Book Creator!

Will it work in the iPad app?

Unlike the web app – you don’t need to log in, or have internet connection at all to use Book Creator for iPad. Whilst that will remain the case, we do plan to integrate these sign-in and library features later this year, for those who want them.

LMS integration

Are you using Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle or any of the other powerful Learning Management System in your school district? With a Book Creator School account you can now seamlessly launch and sign into Book Creator using our new LTI integration.

If you’ve purchased multiple licenses for Book Creator for Chrome, you’ll find¬†details for LTI integration in your admin dashboard. Or you can get in touch with us if you want more details or need support.

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