New feature: Add a co-teacher to your library

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Invite a colleague to join your library as a co-teacher, giving them equal admin rights.

This is one of those moments where you asked, and we've listened. Since launching Book Creator online in 2017, one of the most requested features has been to have the ability to manage a library alongside another teacher.

With the latest update to Book Creator, this is now a reality. 🎉

Message asking whether you want to promote to co-teacher
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Adding a co-teacher with the Author pickerHow does it work?

Once a teacher has joined your library, you'll be able to use the Author picker to find them and promote them to co-teacher.

After that, they'll have all the same admin rights to manage the library settings, including the ability to invite new students, edit and publish books, and turn on real-time collaboration.

Add a co-teacher to your library [Support]

How do I access this feature?

This feature update is available to anyone on a paid Book Creator subscription. If you're already on a paid plan, you won't need to do anything, you'll already have the update and can start using it today.

If you want to access this feature but are still on a free subscription, you'll be prompted to upgrade when you try to add a co-teacher.

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6 Comments on “New feature: Add a co-teacher to your library”

  1. My schoolboard is paying for my subscription. I can’t see that I have that new feature. How can I be sure I have it?

    1. Any paid plan will have this feature. Click on your avatar and you’ll see which plan you’re on.

  2. Can you share a book template with a teacher to use with their own account/class? If so, how do I do that?

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