Get Clever and add some Spark to your Book Creator books

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We've teamed up with Adobe Creative Cloud Express (formerly Adobe Spark) to make it simple to share your Video, Page and Post creations to Book Creator. Our latest update also includes Clever integration and a much-requested feature.

Adobe Spark examples

You may remember we announced a big update in August allowing for content from other websites/apps to be embedded into Book Creator. Since then, we've already seen over 200,000 videos, images, maps, documents and other interactive content appsmashed into Book Creator!

Adobe Creative Cloud Express (formerly Adobe Spark) is a popular creativity app that allows you to create graphics, web pages and video stories in minutes, using their web app or iOS apps. Their team reached out to us after they saw our embedding feature and we agreed to make the experience of embedding Adobe Spark content even better in Book Creator.

 Learn more about Creative Cloud Express

So now, when you embed an Adobe Video into Book Creator, it adds the full video thumbnail with a play button. If you add a Web Page, it will automatically add the Adobe icon. And Post creations are added straight to the page as an image. Seamless!

Embedding Adobe Spark Page into Book Creator

Embedding Adobe Creative Cloud Express into Book Creator

See the example book we made with embedded content below. Click on the video or web page items and they will open up directly in the book.

Want to get started yourself? Read how to embed Adobe Spark content into:

But wait, there's more...

Students can now publish their own books

One of the things we were frequently asked was whether students could publish their own books in Book Creator for Chrome. Initially, we didn't allow this because we were worried about students accidentally sharing private information online. We set it so only the teacher could publish books.

However, a lot of teachers have said that this creates unnecessary extra work for themselves, particularly when they have older students who can be trusted to publish their own books.

So we've added a toggle to the library settings so you can now choose whether or not students can publish their own books online.

Use Book Creator with Clever

Book Creator now supports Clever's Single sign-on (SSO). With this integration (available for any school on a paid plan) teachers and students can seamlessly sign into Book Creator without needing to create an account.

As a district admin you can add Book Creator directly from your Clever Dashboard and make it available to all your teachers.

Viewing Book Creator in the Clever library

Full details of how the Clever integration works can be found in our Help Center.

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4 Comments on “Get Clever and add some Spark to your Book Creator books”

  1. These are great updates, except for those districts using iPads. Are you ever going to enable the class library function for iOS? I want to use Book Creator to have students create multimedia lab reports and other assignments that incorporate videos and other files, but having students turn them in either to a class library or Google Classroom is not available to us. Would love to see this chrome feature come to iPads (separate from iTunes)

    1. Hi Guy – yes, we are planning to bring library functionality to Book Creator for iPad, sometime next year.

  2. Dan, I teach dyslexic students writing in the mornings at a summer camp. We’re lucky to have some iPads we can use – not very many, but we make it work. They’re old and need to be charged often. Last summer when we used Book Creator, the process for us to share the books they worked so hard on with their parents was not easy. I was told then that more Book Creator features would be coming to iPads in 2018. Now it’s 2019… Any chance whatever needs to be done to make this simpler on iPads will be done by June? The kids loved writing and then putting their writing into the app, adding photos, etc., but they had nothing to take home when camp ended. Help?

    1. Hi Deb – we’re working on updates to Book Creator for iPad as we speak, which will bring some of the sharing features from our Chrome app to the iPad, making it much easier to share books online. We expect this to be completed before June, certainly.

      That said, the method of sharing books as an ePub file from Book Creator for iPad is only a few taps – take a look here. I’d like to think your kids could at least go home with the option to access their book in Google Drive or some other cloud app.

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