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Check out our brand new ebook, written to help you get started with Book Creator for the new year. Going back to school is going to be particularly challenging this year, so we’ve produced this book to help you whether you are new to Book Creator or a seasoned pro. You’ll find lesson ideas, templates, resources and more all in one handy book.

What’s more, you can even add this book to your library with one simple click, and remix and reuse it as you like.

Make sure you’re familiar with our new functionality to copy multiple pages to any book so you can create your own template books and copy the pages you want from our book.

Add this book to your own library

Templates to use with your students

A main feature of this book is that we’ve included a host of templates that you can use with your students to get them started for the new year. These include simple “getting to know you” tasks that will introduce students to each other (and to Book Creator) but we’ve also included more reflective tasks that allow students to consider how they are feeling. We realise that schools will be focused on Social-Emotional Learning more than ever this year so we thought it was important to include these.

You can find these templates at the back of the book – with pre-filled examples or blank templates for you to use as you want to. You can either extract these from the main book or use this link to add just the templates to your library.

What else will you find in the book?

Our Teacher Success Manager Jon Smith has been hosting regular ‘Back to School’ webinars throughout August and so we drew on lots of his ideas for teacher-created resources for the new year. These include, maps, staff guides, yearbooks – all sorts of things to help your students prepare for the new year and get acclimatised.

We also consider some general housekeeping of your Book Creator libraries in order to start fresh for the new academic term, and provide some ideas for how you might want to configure your libraries to allow for digital portfolios, collaboration, and other ways to manage your books during the year.

Adding a new library from the Teacher Dashboard

The Humans Project

As part of the launch of this book, we’re partnering with the Infused Classroom to provide you with a ready-made, standards aligned collaborative writing project!

This exciting project will give you the chance to collaborate and learn from classrooms across the world in a huge cultural exchange. It will also help you develop app-smashing skills as we learn to create, share and reflect with multiple edtech apps. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity! Learn more on page 50 of the book, or go to

The Humans Project

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