Free training for teachers

We want you to be able to hit the ground running when you use Book Creator in your classroom.

We all know that if you hand an iPad to students, they’ll have it figured out in minutes, right?! But for teachers, you may want some assistance (or some inspiration).

We’re here to help.

Getting started with Book Creator

This webinar is designed for teachers who are just getting started with Book Creator. It is an interactive webinar covering all the basics of using the app, plus ideas on how to introduce the app to the classroom.

These webinars are free, 1 hour in length and include an opportunity for questions. You are encouraged to have your Book Creator app open and ready to explore during this webinar series. Teachers will receive a certificate of completion.

Upcoming sessions:


There are no upcoming sessions planned until Summer 2017.


To pilot this webinar we ran 3 sessions covering basic use, templates, collaboration and lots more. You can view these webinars below.

Webinars playlist on YouTube

Book Creator Spotlight Sessions

Monthly webinars
This monthly series is designed for teachers who want to energize their use of Book Creator. These webinars are 45 minutes in length and include an opportunity for questions.

You will be creating books along the way so you’ll need to have the app open and ready. Teachers will receive a certificate of completion after every webinar.

Using Book Creator in the Science Classroom
– Monday, 20 June 7pm EST

Learn how Book Creator can be used to publish student projects in science.

Favorite Apps to Use with Book Creator
– Monday, 18 July 7pm EST

Explore different apps to design dynamic Book Creator products.

Increasing Writing in Math with Book Creator
– Tuesday, 9 August 7pm EST

Learn how to encourage and support writing in the math classroom.

Writing in Response to Reading with Book Creator
– Tuesday, 20 September 7pm EST

Use Book Creator to organize reading responses and differentiate instruction.

Book Creator for Informational Writing in Every Subject Area
– Thursday, 6 October 7pm EST

Explore different project ideas for incorporating informational writing across the content areas.

Publishing for Authentic Audiences: Creating with a Purpose
– Monday, 7 November 7pm EST

Learn how to publish for local and global audiences

Your host: Monica Burns – EdTech Consultant, Author & Speaker

Monica BurnsMonica Burns, who you may know from the popular educational resource, has joined the Book Creator team to host these webinars and share her experience and expertise.

Monica is an EdTech & Curriculum Consultant, Apple Distinguished Educator and Founder of (as well as being a Book Creator Ambassador). She has presented to teachers, administrators and tech enthusiasts at numerous national and international conferences including SXSWedu, ISTE, and EduTECH.

Monica said:

“I’m very excited to host this new series of Book Creator webinars! Book Creator is a powerful tool for teaching and learning, and I love sharing it with teachers.”

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13 October
Book Creator best practice

27 October
Apps to make you look amazing

10 November
Collaboration night

8 December
Book Creator in the classroom

5 January 2017
Sharing student work

19 January
Design night

2 February
WAGOLL week (& how we did it)

16 February
Be a Book Creator ninja!

2 March
Open night – ask any question

16 March
Bringing it home – Challenge week

Your hosts:

Jon Smith (@theipodteacher)

Jon SmithJon Smith (@theipodteacher) is a Book Creator Ambassador and somewhat of a superstar publisher, having published over 100 books, made with Book Creator, to the iBooks Store.

In October 2015 he led a group of teachers through a Twitter chat where they created and published a collaborative book in less than an hour.

Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist)

Mark Anderson (Mark Anderson@ICTEvangelist) is also a Book Creator Ambassador, and has supported Book Creator since the beginning. Mark’s expertise as an EdTech consultant covers all areas of technology in the classroom.

A regular speaker at events, Mark gave a 10 minute demonstration of Book Creator at the Google stand at BETT 2015.